Monday, March 21, 2011

New Artist Of The Day

Singer-songwriter and producer, Porsche Smith, can be classified as Instant Vintage. Although the 26-year-old, California native has been compared to some of soul music’s classic vocalists, such as Roberta Flack and D’Angelo, Smith’s writing and musical compositions transcend genres all across the board. Ranging from melodic grooves that could find a place in John Mayer’s collection, to party tunes that Jay-Z would undeniably rock to on stage, Smith has written and sung it all. “I’ve got songs and lyrics in my repertoire for the likes of Mary Mary and Maroon 5,” says Smith.

But that’s not all Smith has up her sleeve. Coupled with talent Smith has her education. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Oral Roberts University in May of 2006, Smith now attributes much of whom she’s become to her recent years spent in college. “It was there that I became a studio junkie and learned how to play guitar. Piano had always been my main instrument, so to become a guitar player and music engineer was something quite different.”

In addition to studying for her exams in music technology and communication theory, Smith says she ultimately learned about life. “During those years I met some of my greatest friends and foes. I was also able to travel a lot, which bred even more writing. At the height of everything, I had conjured up enough material for an entire album.” After singing hooks and being overseas in the underground R&B and hip-hop circuits of London and Belgium, Smith finally introduced her own soul montage. Hence, Smith’s solo debut About Life, which released independently in mid February (2007), is the culmination of both authentic and diverse lyrical prose.

Although cut short at 12 tracks, …Life feels strangely complete and fulfilling. Smith’s smooth alto effortlessly rolls over above average instrumentation and production, guiding the listener intimately through the details of love, spirituality, and family; intimately through life. The album includes the skills of engineer and producer Rohan Hylton of Firstborn Productions, as well as collaborations with musician and songwriter, Lauren Petty. Smith displays a great feel for the art and her place. “I write and play from the heart,” says Smith.

It seems this surprisingly seasoned young artist has turned out a not so surprisingly vintage album. Where most young artists are still trying to find their identity in their music, Smith has settled nicely into hers. Since her About Life release, Smith has self-produced a Digital Pop EP titled “Loveland” (2009) to showcase her musical variety. She now works and travels with All-Girl Band “Beauty & the Beats” as a main vocalist and lead guitar player. What Smith has on her plate for next year’s 2nd solo release will tickle the ears of all music lovers, so stay tuned! From the Mid-West to Japan, from the young to the old, listeners and fans all over concur that Smith’s music is the kind to be heard for years. It wont be long before she is mentioned among the great songwriters and soul singers of her time. Only an instant.

Here is a song off her The BreakUP Mixtape called "Goodbye"

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